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Slam the Helm

Be a great captain and bring your ship over all barriers to the end of the world.

Remember that barriers are not the only enemy but you must also ensure your ship follows the correct path.

So, slam the helm and start this wonderful journey.


Explore the galaxies and pass as many planets as you can. If you’re skilled enough you might even be able to skip some planets and master the galaxy sooner. 

Patience, precision and steady control will be your best asset.

Woozy cruise

Anyone can hold the helm when the sea is calm but real sailors will conquer even the roughest waters.

Through your journey your crew will get dizzy but you will have to keep you safe while avoiding all glaciers and icebergs.

Vilma Holidays Edition

The most famous lil’ bird got a special Holiday season update. 

Same struggles even during the holidays. Now, more than ever Vilma needs your help. Try to collect as many gifts as possible and be aware of the harmful snowflakes.  


Help this tiny bird escape the cold winter and get to warmer places…

Although the snowflakes you’ll see seem lovely don’t let them fool you they are taking your health points until it’s game over. 🙁

On your journey you’ll be able to collect special items which will help you get through the tough times.

Now hurry up and save this li’l bird!! 🙂 

Tricky Gravity

Imagine flappy bird but where the character can experience 3 different gravities switched on every barrier.

The barriers are marked with different colors matching a different gravity and the character changes to the gravity color after passing it successfully.

Endless cave is an addictive runner game where your goal is to make it as far as you can without dying.

Set out on a journey with 2 characters trying to fight their way through the cave.

You will get a chance to collect coins, witch will help you to upgrade.

On your journey you will face strong enemies and if they get too strong, you should stop by the shop.

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